Update to the Definition of Secure and Non-Secure Transactions


Elavon recently informed you of an update to the definition of secure transactions as outlined in the Schedule of Fees (SOF) effective from 1 January 2019. The update relates to the treatment of secure and non-secure transactions. Please find below more detailed information.  


Definition of Secure and Non-Secure Transactions

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Security Resources

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) access information and tips on protecting cardholder data.

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Fraudulent emails have been brought to our attention

These could be purporting to come from Elavon, or one of the card associations and may ask you to go to a portal to renew an account log in, or to conduct payment card test transactions and send the transaction data to an e-mail address (which is not ours or the card associations). Please do not respond. Elavon and the card associations do not directly contact merchants to request log in renewals, payment card transaction information or to conduct test transactions for security reasons. Please report any such phishing attempts by using the email addresses below.

For emails purporting to come from:

Elavon – send it to phishing@elavon.com

Mastercard – send it to datasecurity@mastercard.com

Visa – send it to phishing@visa.com

In Denmark, Norway or Sweden?In Denmark, Norway or Sweden?

For Norwegian customer service, please call +47 24 15 99 19

For Swedish customer service please call +46 (0)85 9366467

For Danish customer service, please call +45 38 48 74 88