Om Elavon

Elavon har vært ledende på betalingsløsninger og kortinnløsning i over 40 år. Vi tilbyr våre kunder en av verdens beste teknologier for å gjennomføre betalinger. Våre løsninger passer for alle – fra store internasjonale konsern til lokale små butikker. Vi leverer trygge betalingsløsninger for alle typer av betaling, slik at din bedrift – uansett størrelse – kan motta betaling med kort.

Vi er en ledende leverandør av betalingsløsninger. Vår sikre og robuste plattform sikrer god forretning for bedrifter over hele verden. Med U.S. Bank i ryggen, leverer vi globale, sikre, fleksible og innovative løsninger til våre kunder og partnere. 

1.3 millioner kunder har valgt oss. Nå er det din tur!

Vår misjon

Elavon drives growth for our customers and partners by enabling commerce around the world. We do this by delivering comprehensive, secure and scalable payment solutions.

  • Mutual Trust

    Mutual Trust

    We believe in open communication and transparency and are prepared to respectfully listen and receive feedback.

  • Individual Accountability

    Individual Accountability

    We make responsible commitments and focus our efforts on activities that will bring the most value.

  • Teamwork


    We work in teams to deliver successful outcomes and “fill the white space” so the team as a whole is successful.

  • Diverse Culture and Thought

    Diverse Culture and Thought

    We value different perspectives that emerge from varied cultures and backgrounds to strengthen our thinking.




  • Execution Excellence

    Execution Excellence

    It is our hallmark that when we commit to a goal, we willingly make the sacrifices necessary to get the job done.




  • Leadership Through Service

    Leadership Through Service

    We orient our work around the needs and concerns of our clients and offer our services to our colleagues.